The OEPA committee for 2016 is: Adam Stephan-Slade (President), Hugh Grffin (Vice President), Kate Gauthier (Secretary) and Stephanie Shean and Adam Stokes.

The OEPA constitution can be found here. The membership form is on the last page.


OEPA Committee meetings are generally held in the evening at the Oaks Estate, Community Hall, 2 William St, ACT. 

Next meetings:

Tuesday 21 March 2017 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Tuesday 16 May 2017 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Residents and interested parties are welcome to attend. However, non-committee members attend as observers unless the committee invites them to address the meeting. If you would like an issue raised, please email the Secretary via [email protected] to have your matter added to the agenda.

Cancelled meetings: Please note that as we are run by volunteers, sometimes meetings have to be cancelled. We will update this page and put a note on the hall if this happens.

Latest News

Buses for Oaks Estate!

The ACT Govt has just announced three new loop services to Queanbeyan starting on Monday 25 July 2016. OEPA welcomes the new services, won after much lobbying and hard work from committee members and Bob our local Action bus driver. Thanks Bob! 

Our work with TAMS on a direct to ACT school bus service is also going well, and we hope we can have this in place by next year.

Latest media: Oaks Estate welcomes major shift in government attitude to forgotten suburb