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Oaks Estate Master Plan and Precinct Code

in 2014, the ACT Government undertook a process to draft a Master Plan for Oaks Estate. Act Planning first released a draft master plan for feedback. The OEPA prepared this submission on the draft Master Plan based on community feedback. The ACT Government subsequently released the Master Plan. OEPA made the following media comments.

OEPA then submitted the following input on a new Precinct Code. A  draft variation to the Territory Plan was then enacted by the ACT Govt to bring in a new Precinct Code for Oaks Estate. The OEPA was very disappointed in the draft variation, as it did not adequately protect the heritage character of the village. OEPA drafted a submission on the Precinct Code. This version of the Precinct Code has since been withdrawn and is being redrafted.

Development submissions

Submission on DA for Capital Flowers

Submission on DA for 30 townhouse proposal for Mobil site


Latest News

Buses for Oaks Estate!

The ACT Govt has just announced three new loop services to Queanbeyan starting on Monday 25 July 2016. OEPA welcomes the new services, won after much lobbying and hard work from committee members and Bob our local Action bus driver. Thanks Bob! 

Our work with TAMS on a direct to ACT school bus service is also going well, and we hope we can have this in place by next year.

Latest media: Oaks Estate welcomes major shift in government attitude to forgotten suburb